Haiyan Jindun Home Co., Ltd. 专业生产金盾中威,金盾彩铝,金盾鲨鱼箭等多品牌吊顶装饰材料的传统名优企业

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Haiyan Jindun Home Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tongyuan Town Industrial Park, Haiyan County, Jiaxing City.Specializing in the production of home-installed ceiling aluminum sheet and finished products; various specifications of aluminum spraying ceilings; engineering aluminum Fangtong.It is now necessary to expand the reproduction and require the recruitment of 8 elites. Talents with relevant ceiling sales experience are given priority.There is a prioritization of relevant work experience and favorable treatment.

Contact: Manager Huang,Telephone (WeChat):+86-18957320316

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