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The kitchen ceiling feng shui stress, have you noticed?

2018-06-27 08:58:19 Haiyan Jindun Home Co., Ltd. Read

The kitchen is home to food cooking, with fire and water. In feng shui, the kitchen is the most prone to leaks. The kitchen is full of various appliances, which contain many principles of Feng Shui. In addition, the ceiling of the kitchen contains a lot of feng shui knowledge, such as the height of the ceiling, the shape of the ceiling, the color of the ceiling, etc. Feng Shui pay attention.

Feng Shui of kitchen ceiling - color


The kitchen ceiling is the most taboo to use dark colors. Because dark colors always give people a feeling of turbidity, and dark ceilings can make people feel top-heavy, and their hearts are difficult to stabilize. It also makes people feel a heavy depression.

Feng Shui in kitchen ceiling - bogey round


The kitchen is a fire in the five elements, and the circle is water relative to the square. If a basin is placed on the fire, it will seriously damage the feng shui in the kitchen, so the kitchen ceiling should avoid roundness.

Feng Shui in kitchen ceiling - avoid inferior quality


Even the decoration of the kitchen should use high-quality materials. And there are heavenly symbols in the ceiling, and only the heavens on the head will show good luck and will have good influence. Therefore, the kitchen ceiling material must be made of good materials and easy to clean.

    Feng Shui in kitchen ceiling - bogey mirror


In the low kitchen, some people think that the effect of increasing the space in the mirror on the ceiling can be increased, but this is very inappropriate. Mirrors are called phoenixes in feng shui. They are placed in the kitchen. If you are facing the fire, you will be guilty of the fire. Therefore, the ceiling of the kitchen should avoid the use of mirror ceilings.