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"Lazy economy" starts quietly

2018-06-26 15:54:52 Haiyan Jindun Home Co., Ltd. Read

With the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, many things that were previously tedious have become more simplistic and convenient. In other words, more and more "lazy people" are being cultivated. With the continuous expansion of this group, the "lazy economy" has gradually appeared in people's eyes. From online shopping to express delivery service to take-out, "lazy people" have fed more and more industries. Then in the top wall industry, how does "lazy economy" play its role?

Smart home

Young people pursue a comfortable and simple life. Saving time and doing what you like to do is the goal of “lazy people”. This coincides with the original intention of the smart home, that is, the concept of making life more convenient through science and technology coincides with each other, so the smart home has become an economic growth point attracting young consumers.

There is no doubt that intelligence will be a trend for the industry in the future. With the rise of the concept of smart homes, many top wall brands have also introduced smart ideas into the industry. Top wall companies combine top and walls, including some electrical appliances, to achieve a harmonious and standard effect through professional installation, and at the same time, they can achieve reasonable utilization and diversification of home space. Based on this, the realization of smart home only needs to add artificial intelligence technology, and more home appliances in series can accelerate the formation of a unified system.

Whole house

In the past, in home decoration, from the top to the wall and then to the ground, people had to buy multiple times, and they could not realize one-stop equipment. This is a waste of time for most users. The emergence of whole-house outfits is a boon for this part of the "lazy" crowd.

In 2017, the entire packaging model blossomed. In the ceiling and wall integration of the basic decoration, including soft packaging, including the category, to provide consumers with a complete set of home improvement solutions. For the ceiling and wall industries, integration is more appropriate than integrating. The combination of suspended ceilings and walls has led the industry in this direction. The integration of top walls has become a trend of development.

Hardcover Room

In the past year, various provinces and cities have introduced hardcover policies in succession, and the state has also facilitated the intention of all buyers in addition to the resolution of some market issues. The release of the hardcover room means that the house will be purchased later, and the owner will not need to decorate himself, and it is truly possible to get a package. This saves a lot of time and effort on the decoration for the lazy family.

In fact, from the perspective of the top wall industry, the state has a huge range of policies for the entire industry including companies. Under this policy, the renovation work directly falls on the real estate company. When the real estate company selects the top wall brand, it will choose to cooperate directly with the manufacturer. The mass production of the manufacturers can directly allow a top wall brand to contract a residential area. The decoration.

The development of science and technology has not only cultivated batch after batch of “lazy people”, but has also promoted the development of the entire social economy and all walks of life. It is believed that with the help of the “lazy economy,” the top wall industry will meet more opportunities and grow stronger!