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How big is the market for integrated walls?

2018-06-27 08:58:10 Haiyan Jindun Home Co., Ltd. Read

Since the launch of the integrated wall surface, with all kinds of controversies, it can be said that the integrated wall surface has suffered much slander and it has received much praise. So, there is no market for integrated walls? It is believed that many distributors and consumers who are interested in integrated wall surfaces are interested in topics. From the beginning of last year, we have been able to smell some real market trends for integrated wall surfaces:

1、Material and process changes

In 2017, many manufacturers upgraded their crafts and materials, replaced their original wood, stone, and aluminum alloys with materials that were not suitable for their use. The surface textures and composite technologies of wallboards have also grown considerably. After the upgraded integrated wall, the cost is low, light and thin, durable, and easy to install. Some high-quality manufacturers have also upgraded their sound insulation, moisture-proof and fireproof properties. It can be said that the current integrated wallboard may still have some minor flaws, but basically the quality is relatively good, and it can meet the requirements of large-scale promotion and market acquisition. (Of course, it still depends on the manufacturer's level)

2、Changes in rental housing market

Every year, a large number of foreign workers are flooded into first-tier cities, and there is ample room for the housing rental market. In the past two years, a lot of real estate hot money has poured into the housing rental market and apartment market. After the Nineteenth National Congress, the country pushed the rental market to a large extent. It can be predicted that the rental market will develop rapidly in the past two years. It is believed that there will be further favorable policies for rental housing. In this context, the refurbishment of self-owned houses, especially the renovation of old houses in urban villages, will be a great market. This is undoubtedly a good news for integrated walls.

The stucco wall has a short life cycle and requires frequent maintenance, and the formaldehyde problem is serious. The ceramic tile has a high cost and a long construction period, and is not suitable for a large number of rental housing renovations. Integrated wallboards are not only beautiful, durable, and cost-effective, but also enable rapid transformation and rapid occupancy. For rental housing, the time cost is the cost of capital. The sooner the transformation is completed, the better the renter will be.

3、Home improvement market changes

Since 2015, due to the out-of-control of housing prices in many cities in the country, the impact of purchase restrictions has increased. Many people gave up the second suite and used the budget for buying a new one to renovate the old one. However, the renovation of the old house also brought an obvious trouble to the owners: the house was remodeled and there was no place to live. Only the first house could be rented and moved. This was originally supposed to be open, and there are potential opportunities for integrating wallboards - that is, the rapid and pollution-free integration of wallboard allows owners to relocate without having to relocate. engineering.

4、Renovation updates iteratively faster

With the decline in the cost of renovations and the increase in the overall income level of the people, decoration has gradually become a routine consumer support. The frequency of renovations has changed from once in eight years to once in five years, and now to once in three years and once a year. The improvement in the frequency of home improvement updates is, I believe, a trend. People's aesthetics are constantly changing. There is no reason why the clothing style changes every season, but the style of home improvement is the same.

When the frequency of renovations increases, people will find that the decoration made of tiles is extremely difficult to dismantle, and the cost of materials and labor costs for remodeling are very large. The integrated wall surface is easy to dismantle and the damage to the wall surface is small. The construction time of the renovation and reconstruction is short, and it can adapt to the needs of higher frequency renovation.

5、Consumers' demand for personalized fabrics, personalized graphics and design sense

It is no longer a day or two for consumers to pursue personalized customization, but for most people, the cost of pursuing personalization is too high, so it can only be discouraged. Traditional tiles are often spliced through multiple pieces of the same regular pattern, which can design a small space, high design costs, and custom production is basically impossible.

Now, integrated wallboards provide users with more choices. Even an ordinary manufacturer can design dozens of fabrics and patterns. And some of the slightly better manufacturers have basically been able to let consumers DIY themselves, and then produce plates according to the requirements of consumers.